The mobile theatre industry in Assam is hitting headlines, this time for wrong reasons. The owners of Rajashree Theatres, especially its executive producer Jatin Thakuria, has been accused of not paying dues to actors, artistes and technical and other workforce totaling around Rs 47 lakh.

A police complaint has been lodged at Mukalmua police station where the theatre troupe is presently camping.

Actors and artistes, technical and other staff members associated with the theatre group said the management and more particularly executive producer Jatin Thakuria had assured them of clearing all their dues before Bihu. But that did not happen.

Actor Jupitora Bhuyan narrating before News Live the ordeal of the artistes, technical staff and other members of the theatre group.

Things reached such a situation that many artistes and other members of the theatre workforce did not even have the money to go back home. One person also reportedly attempted suicide following financial distress in the wake of not getting his dues.

“We don’t even have money to go back home on Bihu. Many of us have come from various nook and corners of the State. We were assured that our dues will be paid before Bihu. But that did not happen. From the top actors to even the cook, no one has received their dues,” an artiste of the theatre group told News Live.

Artistes, technical staff and other workers of Rajashree Theatre after their dues were not cleared by the theatre management

Meanwhile, Jatin Thakuria, has now been absconding although he is taking calls on his mobile. He is also accused of threatening a few artistes of his theatre group.

Rajashree Theatre boasts of having actors like Tapan Das, Jefri Bakshi and Jupitora Bhuyan, among others.


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