A little-known online shopping portal is at the centre of a blazing controversy after it came to light that the portal is selling non-muga garments, allegedly faking them as fabric made from the rich Assamese silk.

The incident came to light after a person from Dhemaji ordered a stole, a women’s scarf, that was listed as a Benarasi muga silk garment from the shopping portal named ‘Jaypore’. However, after he received the garment, he suspected foul play, uncertain as to whether the online portal’s claim about the garment being made from muga silk was worth of credence.

The stole that was bought from the online shopping portal.

The customer went for tests at the Guwahati-based Silk Mark of India (SMOI) lab under the Central Silk Board. The results were shocking since it came to light that the garment did not contain even a single muga thread but was made from mulberry and tasar silk.

“This is how they are faking garments made out of other silk variants as one made from our rich muga silk. Action should be taken initiated against the online portal,” the customer of the stole told NEWS LIVE.

The listed price of the garment was Rs 3,800.

“It’s a clear case of fraud and economic offence,” he added.

He also said that the Assam government should take note of the incident and take action against the online shopping portal for faking non-muga clothing as muga garments.


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