A day after the Congress party was caught on the wrong foot after blaming BJP for an excess expenditure of Rs 10,004.29 crore from 2002-03 to 2015-16 fiscal made without any budgetary allocation, Assam Pradesh Congress Committee president Ripun Bora today refused to admit that the anomalies had taken place when the Congress party was in power in Assam and Tarun Gogoi the chief minister of Assam.

Citing a report by the Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG), Assam Pradesh Congress Party president Ripun Borah had on Monday held the BJP government responsible for an excess expenditure of Rs 10,004.29 crore which he said took place during the first two years of the BJP government in Assam contrary to the fact that the anomalies actually took place between 2002-03 and 2015-16 fiscal when the Congress was in power in the State.

However, when confronted by NEWS LIVE on the gaffe he made, the APCC president refused to admit his mistake and the embarrassment he had caused to the party.

“Is the CAG report wrong?” Bora questioned back when asked as to how could he and the Congress party make such a big mistake.


Assam: Congress scores self-goal; blames BJP for Rs 10,004.29 crore excess expenditure made during Tarun Gogoi’s term as CM

The APCC president continued to feign ignorance although the CAG report clearly mentioned that the excess expenditure was made from 2002-03 to 2015-16 when Tarun Gogoi was the Chief Minister and also held the Finance portfolio.

Meanwhile, AGP leader and Assam Water Resources Minister Keshab Mahanta, who had also held the post of chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, said the former Congress government did not bring the excess expenditures to the PAC’s notice.


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