In a sensational incident that has raised many an eyebrow, a youth hailing from Assam has joined Kashmiri terrorist organization Hizbul Mujahideen. This has come to light after a photograph of the youth, identified as Qamer-Uz-Zaman alias Qameruddin and hailing from Jamunamukh in Hojai, with an assault rifle in his hands went viral in the social media. It was mentioned in the photograph that he had joined the terrorist organization and has been waging an armed struggle against India.

Qamer-Uz-Zaman, an Arts graduate in English, had earlier worked in the United States for four years before returning home. He also spent some months in Bangladesh before going to Jammu & Kashmir where he opened a cloth store at China Gali in Khistwar town. However, Qamer went missing in 2017 with family members and relatives in Jamunamukh failing to establish any contact with him.

Meanwhile, after NEWS LIVE’s explosive expose, his family members at Jamunamukh identified Qamer from the photograph with his mother claiming that they will sever all ties with him and even asked the Government to shoot him dead, adding that she will also not allow the his body to be brought home.

Incidentally, along with Qamer, at least 6-7 other youths hailing from Jamunamukh are also reported to have been associated with business activities in Jammu & Kashmir amid apprehensions of them also following the same path Qamer took. Assam Police, meanwhile, are in touch with Jammu & Kashmir police over the incident.


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