In the latest incident of mass shooting in the United States, a woman shot at and injured three people at the Northern California campus of YouTube before killing herself. Another person suffered injuries after hurting himself while running for cover as the woman assailant, identified as south California resident Nasim Najafi Aghdam, opened fire at the office campus on Tuesday afternoon.

“At least four people wounded at YouTube HQ, San Bruno police chief says. Suspected shooter is dead after she apparently shot herself,” tweeted.

San Bruno Police said the 39-year-old woman is believed to have carried out the attack because of a domestic dispute and had voiced online complaints about the video-sharing website and its policies.

The website, which media said was linked to the attacker, had several posts about Persian culture and veganism, interspersed with screeds against YouTube, Reuters reported, adding that the complaints included claims that the company was not sharing enough revenue with people who create videos for the platform.

Local authorities said the incident was not a terrorism-related incident.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump expressed shock over the incident and said “our thoughts are with everybody involved”.

“Was just briefed on the shooting at YouTube’s HQ in San Bruno, California. Our thoughts and prayers are with everybody involved,” he tweeted.


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